Microcephaly definition

E06.1 Microcephaly

Measuring Infant Head Circumference: An instructional video for healthcare providers

  1. Virus Watch: Zika Virus and Microcephaly
  2. Health officials confirm Zika causes birth defects
  3. how do define MICROCEPHALY ?
  4. Sweet Sophia (Never Underestimate Her)
  5. The Hartley Hooligans

'Miracle Baby' Born Without Most of His Brain Defying Odds ABC News

  1. Bella's Reality (Pfeiffer Syndrome)
  2. Grayson’s Syndrome (The Only Known Case in Human History)
  3. Four Brothers with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (The Story of a Blended Family)
  4. Trying To Cope With A Severely Autistic Child

How the Zika virus affects an infant's brain

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